"My photos celebrate living.  They nourish the soul."

Let's do this! Family photos are an important part of your beautiful and unique Family History. In the busy-ness of daily life, its easy to forget the magical moments of love and deep connection that you share with your loved ones.  That's where I come in! I the the capture extraordinary moments of joy, tenderness, romance,  playfulness and fun that is your family.  


My Style...



My work combines traditional and lifestyle photography to capture your family’s genuine spirit.  I take a combination of traditional poses and more intimate poses, where you are looking at each other, talking, laughing, gently touching or even kissing. During your session you will be walking, running, laughing, jumping, playing, singing, and hugging. Even teens.  I don’t make you smile or look at the camera in a stiff and unnatural way.  Rather I encourage your natural expressions and emotions to create gorgeous works of art for you to treasure.


Why I Do This...



When my children were small I wanted to have family pictures taken, but never made the time. On those occasions where the five of us were in one place, I was the one taking the picture, so my face is non existent in those photos. Does this happen to you too?  Mom, you need to be in the photo! Looking back, I wish I had made time to schedule photos of my family with a professional photographer, where I could just show up and let everything be handled for me.  This is why I like to make a fuss over moms, because face it moms, you need all the cheerleading and praise you can get! We will work together to come up with your perfect concept for your photos, including location scouting, and wardrobe styling, and how to get your children and partner/spouse/lover onboard with this whole thing.


Do you want to hear a painful truth? My oldest daughter arranged for the photos on this page. Our photographer is Brandi Christine Shutt and I'm glad my daughter chose her to create this memory for us. Don’t wait until your babies are in their twenties to have family photos made!



Speaking of kids, I am a wife, a mother to three adult children, and grandmother (“mimi”) to toddler twin grandsons and a darling newborn granddaughter. My eldest daughter and her husband are a dual military family. Shortly after the twins were born my daughter PCS’d to San Diego. My husband and I  followed them out west after about a year because, well, grandbabies.   I understand the military lifestyle from a mom’s perspective: It is busy & unpredictable at times, yet fulfilling in that one is serving a greater cause. Family time is precious in military families because of frequent separations. Family photos matter to military families in a special way. They are memories of the time spent together. I don't take for granted the fact that I am close to my daughter and grandchildren now, and when I get to photograph other military moms I care for them deeply because I know what it's like to have family far away from you.

When I’m not watching the grand babies or taking pictures,  I love being outdoors. I ride my bike or swim most days of the week. I’m a proud member of Team USA in Triathlon, and am currently training for the ITU World championships in Europe in 2021.

I promise to share my talents so that you have a lasting memory of the moments that matter in your life.











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