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What kind of photos do you take?


My work combines traditional and lifestyle photography to capture your family’s genuine spirit. A SESSION WITH ME CONTAINS LOTS OF LAUGHING, HUGGING, SNUGGLES, RUNNING, PLAYING AND DANCING. My intention is to capture traditional posed shots as well as unexpected candid shots. During your session you may tell stories or use your imagination to act out a scene.  I won’t ask you to smile or to look at the camera in a stiff and unnatural way. Rather I encourage your natural expressions and emotions.


Where will my session be held?  


I have a number of favorite beach spots along the coast. I typically only shoot at low or mid-tide as these conditions provide the best beachscapes.  All sessions are conducted using natural light, preferably at the golden hour (either an hour before or after sunset). Depending on the time of year and location, we may need to meet mid-week or at sunrise to avoid crowds.  


How long do sessions last?


Somewhere between 30 - 90 minutes depending upon your needs and the type of package you purchase (see session information for more infomation).  I will be shooting the entire time, even if you are taking a play break or snack break. 


What do I wear?


Wear something comfortable that makes you feel spectacular! Pick something gorgeous for yourself first, and then coordinate everyone’s outfit around yours.  This blog post has some tips to get you started. We will schedule a styling session before hand, and if desired, I can provide links to sites where you can purchase items. The best outfits are ones that are show movement and create a “long visual line” - think maxi dresses, scarves, fringe etc…


Do you provide digitals or prints?


Both! Your curated gallery of  hand-edited digitals will be delivered to you a few weeks after your session via an on-line gallery. From there you can choose which digitals to download and which to make into keepsake prints.   Click here to learn more about session packages. 



How do I book a session with you?


Click on the button below to secure a date, or send me an email. 

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