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Updated: Dec 19, 2018

I recently had a fun documentary style photo session with this wonderful teen and her pets. The trick to photographing teens is to be laid back and meet them on their terms. Match their mood and establish rapport before getting your camera out.

Beautiful Teen kissing her fluffy white dog
How Beautiful is this Teen and her Fluffy White Dog?

Make a Connection...

As a teen photographer, I like to find something funny to talk about, which will get some laughs and help the teen relax. Then start asking questions.

One of my favorite questions for getting teens to open up in a photo shoot is to have them think about a time that was hard for them, and then think about a person who helped them through that time.

We were so lucky to have her pets join the photo shoot. They helped bring out this lovely lady’s beautiful smile.


MJ Falvey is a San Diego lifestyle family photographer who documents stories of love and connection. She specializes in in active, vibrant, and joyful photos of newborns, children and adults. You can reach her at https://www.maryjofalvey.com