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When is the best time to have beach photos made?

when is the best time of year to have beach photos made

✨Think of time as both time of year, day of week and time of day.✨


march, April, may, September, October and November are ideal months for beach photos in San Diego

✅ March, April, September, October & November are ideal months for beach photos:

✅The weather is mild and there’s the best chance of good light for both sunrise and sunset sessions

✅January and February are also good months although it can be chilly.

✅ May Gray and June Gloom are not as consistent for beautiful golden light, but if you’re ok with this, its generally warm and the beaches aren’t as crowded.

✅The beaches are less crowded during these months

‼️If you’re looking for photos with epic beach backdrops, you don’t want to be anywhere near the beach during June, July or August. It’s hard to avoid having people in the frame.


try to schedule your family beach photo session in San Diego for mid-week or on Sundays to avoid crowds

✅Mid week or Sundays are the best days for photos

✅Saturdays typically draw crowds, which can create interference during your session.


the best time for north county San Diego beach photographer is one hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise

✅The best time of day for outdoor photos are the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.

✅If you have little ones with early bedtimes, remember, the sun sets earlier daylight savings time

✅At other times of the day the sun creates harsh shadows. You won’t be happy (and I won’t be happy with dark patches on your loved ones faces and clothing.

✅If morning or afternoon are the only times you can have your photos made, we can find something to block the sun (like a sand dune) or have you look up or down versus straight ahead.


schedule your Carlsbad beach photographer session for low tide

✅Low to mid-tide is the best time of day for beach photos.

✅The beaches are wider and there’s a ton of reflection in the sand which can create stunning images.

✅ High tide conditions can limit beach access (and in some locations there is little to no beach to walk on at high tide!).

😎Pro Tip: If you have access to one of San Diego’s military bases, much of the above advise downs apply. The beaches on North Island and at Pendleton are wide open and much less crowded than the San Diego public beaches.


MJ Falvey is a beach photographer who documents stories of love and connection. She specializes in in active, vibrant, and joyful photography of people and pets on San Diego's beautiful beaches, especially those of North County San Diego: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar and La Jolla.

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